We sought after almost every other ideas off Work/Joab Milson, but to date found your simply about census

I’m optimistic you to definitely I will see a little more about it Milson household members from west Pennsylvania. So it stays a surfacing contender to be Thomas’ household members. Up until I find a lot more information, I will simply have to be patient that have Jobs.

Lower than is a summary dining table of your census rates.Underlined decades was people in your family that seem on that census. Italicized, light-gray decades try projected age students off previous censuses who are not on family on that census. We incorporated this new “period of the latest eldest girls” from the family during the many years in the event the youngsters was indeed born to find out if it actually was possible that they were the girl children. It appears to be therefore! I additionally genuinely believe that brand new 1810 census taker wrongly tallied Business/Joab with his girlfriend because the more than 45 after they had been most likely 30-39.

Inside my January 31st post, I listed the fresh ‘suspects’ in my own look for the family out of Thomas Milson (c.1801-c.1855). I haven’t discovered decisive proof of his link with any one of this type of family members, but have been able to exclude the the latest household.

  1. Rachel Milson regarding Little Creek Hundred, Sussex, Delaware: I will select no records out-of a great Rachel Milson otherwise an effective Rachel Melson. There had been Melson parents in the area, but nothing which i might discover one to provided a beneficial Rachel off suitable decades. I found an effective Rachel Wilson so this was new person on 1810 census.
  2. Polly and you will Sally Milson out-of Tyrell, Vermont: It was obviously good Melson family relations rather than Milson. It is still possible that Thomas are an effective Melson and you can are a person in which household members, but there’s zero number but really to confirm.
  3. Jesse Milson out-of Lewis, Kentucky: This really is one of two household that we managed to rule out definitively. Jesse is actually a good Melson and you can neither out-of his sons is Thomas.
  4. William Milson out of Norfolk, Virginia: William’s kid are John Millson. I do believe it’s secure in order to rule out William because the Thomas’ father.

The five parents over had been people who included a male below 10 on the domestic in 1810. The remaining individuals every integrated a male between ten and you may fifteen, however, no boys not as much as ten. That chance is the Linkler bul fact one among these guys are Thomas and you can that he was born in advance of 1800. Some other opportunity would be the fact Thomas try nine years of age during the 1810 and you can try incorrectly tallied on 10-15 classification. Needless to say, he might together with not show up on this new 1810 census whatsoever. However for now I’ll continue the newest research utilizing the clues away from 1810.

  1. Moris (Moses?) Milson of Rockbridge, Virginia. There is also an effective Joe county however with no guys from best age.
  2. Joab Milson regarding Union Township, Fayette State, Pennsylvania. There is and a John Milson in identical township however, and no boys of your own best years.
  3. John Milson away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There have been numerous Milson parents regarding Philadelphia city.

The fresh new ideas of nearest and dearest, dating back to for over 1000 age, inform you people in it of the priesthood

My 3rd great grandfather, Thomas Milson, lived-in southwest Arkansas from about 1827 up until the guy died between 1853 and you will 1856. The fresh new “Redlands Records” that give papers of Thomas’ amount of time in brand new southwestern Arkansas areas out of Pike, Clark, and you will Hempstead tend to be:

So you’re able to review –

Rev. Joseph Costa, O. C, R. D. C, who for over a 3rd away from 100 years provides labored which have untiring and you can consecrated warmth towards the growth of Catholicity from inside the Galesburg, is the pastor out of Corpus Christi church and now have a good dean of your Peoria diocese. He was born October 18, 1823, when you look at the Pettinengo, state away from Biella, Italy, about thirty kilometers northeast of Turin, his mothers are Antonio and Angela Maria (Facio) Costa. The daddy was filled into the belongings industries and now have used a good creating business. Joseph was the brand new youngest off five brothers as well as the just one exactly who joined the brand new ministry.