Exactly how Was Lesbian and you will Bisexual People Portrayed?

The number of male and you may women services shown of the lesbian and bisexual females on tv plus varied based on their part. All the women (8 from ten) was depicted from inside the a very masculine environment where he could be significantly more attending let you know masculine functions (like a jail, a left behind isle, or a post-apocalyptic community). Nonetheless, all but one of your females presented one or more feminine characteristic regarding the attacks that were assessed.

Nine females demonstrated more than one masculine characteristic. The three most common functions have been ‘confidence’, ‘dominance’, and’leadership’. The other male features the 9 females shown was basically: ‘adventurous’, ‘independent’, ‘brave’, ‘aggressive’, ‘misbehaving’, ‘smart’, ‘strong’, ‘loud’, ‘competitive’ and you will ‘a beneficial into the sports’. Programs in which lesbian women showed an advanced level out of male features were: “Expeditie Robinson”, “The brand new one hundred”, and you may “Celblok H”.

All the females failed to get on stereotypes one prevail from the lesbian girls. Precisely the about three letters in the Orange 's the The newest Black colored scored on the stereotype’wears greater clothing’ due to their prison clothes and you can the new participants of “Expeditie Robinson” scored toward label ‘wears zero makeup’ since they are not allowed to carry makeup with the area.

Efforts and you will Products

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Nothing of one’s men emails regarding tv collection got perform that are named a lot more women and you will none of your own lady letters on tv series had efforts which can be named more masculine. All female emails didn’t have a position as the these people were within the prison otherwise have been planning to generate a trip all over the world. The type one to did features a job (Freddy in “Celblok H”) is actually an appropriate assistant. Lexa and you may Clarke when you look at the “The newest one hundred” didn’t have an obvious job, simply because they was living in a blog post-apocalyptic world, but Lexa is the commander away from their clan which leaves this lady within the an even more male character. A man emails had sex-simple or more male operate: Lucas from “GTST” was a star, Mitchell out of “Modern Loved ones” is a legal professional and you may Cameron regarding “Progressive Friends” try an actual training teacher. Not one of your female and male letters was basically section of people remarkable activities which were particularly female otherwise masculine.

Intimate Decisions

As mentioned earlier, we observed Fisher ainsi que al. (2007) for the programming intimate decisions and discovered you to 7 away from 33 (%) attacks out of tv collection contains sexual behavior because of the LGBs. Three times a homosexual son is actually seen kissing (always Lucas from inside the “GTST”). Half dozen moments an excellent lesbian or bisexual woman displayed intimate conclusion (step three ? making out, dos ? designed intercourse, step 1 ? apparent gender).


Almost no LGB associated humor have been made inside our attempt. Out of the 63 symptoms, 4 attacks included an enthusiastic LGB associated laugh and all sorts of these jokes have been made from the LGB emails themselves.


Merely in some of your own television applications the partnership reputation of the individual/letters are mentioned. The characters one to performed enjoys a relationship did actually provides a pleased matchmaking. Brand new single letters seemed to be pleased with are solitary. For a few characters, it was not clear whether or not they were unmarried or otherwise not, because the matchmaking condition wasn’t a part of the brand new attacks. These types of characters have been scored just like the unmarried and you will delighted while they was in fact maybe not seen and anybody and you may did not whine regarding getting alone. For two of your characters (Lexa and Clarke from „The brand new a hundred”) it was not clear if they was in the a love otherwise perhaps not, therefore the relationships updates of your letters try obtained as the uncertain. All relationships shown had been monogamous. Nothing of the characters (unmarried or perhaps in a relationship) is promiscuous.